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Updated Research in China (PRC)

Apr 04, 2022

We hope that all is well. One of our large multi-national clients has been hearing that there are some concerns with conducting research in the China (PRC), besides the pause in China due to the most recent COVID-19 lock-down. We have a couple of trusted partners within the Chinese market and they have not expressed any concerns with conducting research in China. However, we want to check with you to ensure that we have the largest content and understanding of this market.
Our client is particularly concerned with:
1. Conducting quantitative panel research in China—use of panels and privacy in China. Are there any restrictions with collecting and exporting quantitative from China to the US via panel agencies?
2. Quantitative client lists sent from US to China (client lists of Chinese customers which are maintained and managed via the US market)
3. Qualitative virtual streaming to the US live during the sessions.
If you have any additional information, please let us know.

Experts Response

Apr 20, 2022

Dear Michael,

Thank you for contacting us. While we do not have specific guidelines for the activities you described, there are some good practices we recommend when conducting research within the Peoples' Republic of China:

- We recommend contacting the local professional association for further guidance on practices related to qualitative and quantitative research;
- We recommend contacting a local legal professional for what it concerns due diligence with the applicable laws and regulations e.g. with regards to the export of data and data localisation obligations;
- Conducting a prior Data Protection Impact Assessment to determine the potential risks related to the data processing and the category of data involved e.g. with reference to the data categories listed within China's PIPL.

In any case, we recommend following the provisions of the ICC/ESOMAR International Code, in particular those provided in art. 6 concerning data protection obligations for ESOMAR members.

Should you have any further question or remark, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

Kindest regards,
ESOMAR Professional Standards Team