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Demographic & Socio Economic Questions- Spain, Poland, Sweden

Mar 02, 2022


Maru Group is a member of ESOMAR. We are looking for your help regarding information for one of our clients that is conducting research with us in Spain, Poland and Sweden. Do you have the following localized demographic questions as well as the applicable socio economic questions available for these three countries? Thank you in advance.

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Demographic questions:
- Postal code details (including formatting)
- State/province or applicable equivalent
- Region (based on state/province)
- Household Income
- Education
- Marital Status
- Others as available: i.e. Streaming Services accessed or subscribed to

Experts Response

Mar 02, 2022

Dear Cornelia,

Thanks for submitting your query. While we recommend checking the official national census data, which should provide publicly the localised demographic criteria, you can also refer to ESOMAR's Country Page which provides an overview on the data & insights of worldwide markets as well as contact details of local associations who might be able to provide you further information.

Please note that ESOMAR's Country Page data is based on the combination of international sources and local information kindly provided by our partner association(s) and/or the ESOMAR National Representative(s).

Country Page:

We hope this helps, otherwise please never hesitate to contact us at any moment should you have any further question.

Kindest regards,
ESOMAR Professional Standards Team