Complaint OEN81469

Date created
Jul 07, 2021
Date completed
Jan 05, 2022
Region Complainant
Region Defendant
North America


  • Researchers must ensure that research is carried out in accordance with this Code, that clients and other parties to the research agree to comply with its requirements, and that the Code is applied, where appropriate, by all organisations, companies and individuals at all stages of the research.
  • Correction of a breach of this Code by a researcher, while desirable, does not excuse the breach.
  • Failure by an ESOMAR member to co-operate with a disciplinary investigation by ESOMAR into a possible breach of this Code, will be considered a breach of this Code. This also applies to members of other self-regulatory bodies implementing this Code.

Public Resolution

Jan 05, 2022

This complaint was dismissed as it related to non-payment due to the respondent company declaring bankruptcy.

In the first instance, ESOMAR cannot act as a debt recovery agency in instances of non-payment, however we will monitor repeat incidents by a single member for disciplinary action.

Secondly, in this case the respondent company had filed for bankruptcy, and were therefore subject to the relevant laws relating to the payment of creditors. ESOMAR will not intervene in such matters, and cannot assist in recovering payment during bankruptcy proceedings.

We advise any members who encounter similar circumstances to speak to legal counsel.