Complaint OEN204584

Date created
Feb 02, 2021
Date completed
Dec 20, 2021
Region Complainant
Region Defendant
North America

Article 9 Professional responsibility

  • Researchers must be honest, truthful and objective and ensure that their research is carried out in accordance with appropriate scientific research principles, methods and techniques.
  • Researchers must always behave ethically and must not do anything that might unjustifiably damage the reputation of research or lead to a loss of public confidence in it.
  • Researchers must be straightforward and honest in all of their professional and business dealings.
  • Researchers must not unjustifiably criticise other researchers.
  • Researchers must not make false or otherwise misleading statements about their skills, experience or activities, or about those of their organisation.
  • Researchers must conform to the generally accepted principles of fair competition.

Public Resolution

Dec 20, 2021

This complaint, raised by a member in India, concerned a company based in the United States who had declared bankruptcy.

While we appreciate such circumstances are difficult for companies, ESOMAR is limited to act in such instances and cannot function as a debt recovery agency. Furthermore, in instances of bankruptcy, we advise members to follow the appropriate legal steps to recover any money owed to them as creditors.

Consequently, this complaint is dismissed.