Complaint OEN792418

Date created
Feb 28, 2020
Date completed
May 12, 2021
Region Complainant
Region Defendant

Article 10 Legal responsibility

Researchers must conform to all applicable international and national laws, and local codes of conduct and professional standards or rules.


  • Researchers must ensure that research is carried out in accordance with this Code, that clients and other parties to the research agree to comply with its requirements, and that the Code is applied, where appropriate, by all organisations, companies and individuals at all stages of the research.
  • Correction of a breach of this Code by a researcher, while desirable, does not excuse the breach.
  • Failure by an ESOMAR member to co-operate with a disciplinary investigation by ESOMAR into a possible breach of this Code, will be considered a breach of this Code. This also applies to members of other self-regulatory bodies implementing this Code.

Public Resolution

May 12, 2021

This complaint was raised regarding misuse of the ESOMAR Corporate Member logo by a company based in India. Separately a second complaint was raised regarding this company by another ESOMAR member based in the UK.

Following an investigation we informed the company that use of the ESOMAR logo on a company website is only permitted with a valid corporate membership, and therefore requested the immediate removal of the logo from the website, as well as any email communications.

As working conditions are currently limited, we granted a 30 day grace period for the removal of the logo. Failure to abide by this request will result in further action being taken, which may include but is not limited to ESOMAR disciplinary proceedings or legal action.