Complaint OEN663821

Date created
May 27, 2019
Date completed
Jun 07, 2019
Region Complainant
United States
Region Defendant
United Kingdom

Article 10 Legal responsibility

Researchers must conform to all applicable international and national laws, and local codes of conduct and professional standards or rules.

Public Resolution

Jun 07, 2019

The complaint of the respondent who did not receive their incentive was not sustained. The responder's company went bankrupt. The Professional Standards Committee found that insolvency is not normally a violation of the ICC/ESOMAR Code. Only if the PSC were to receive evidence of a fraudulent insolvency in which an ESOMAR member continues trading, knowing the company was insolvent, assets were misused, or taken from the company and moved to another legal entity or a personal account, this could be considered a violation of the Code. As no such evidence was received, the case was closed.